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Try-City Corvette Club bi-laws 2022-08.pdf

Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas)

An Unincorporated Non-Profit Association


Revised: 8//2023


In accordance with the Articles of Association of the Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas), An Unincorporated Nonprofit Association, the following By-Laws shall govern the operation of the Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas).





The club shall be known as Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas), which was organized and officially started meeting the month of May in 1976.





Purpose of the club will be to promote the fellowship among Corvette owners’, in general, and Club members, in particular, and to provide a source of information about Corvettes to those needing assistance. The Club will participate in charitable activities as provided in the budget and voted on by the membership.





The Club will operate on a yearly basis with the fiscal year beginning June 1 and ending May 31, one year later. The outgoing President or Vice-President will start the June meeting and complete the old business and the newly elected President will preside upon election results.  The election will be held by secret ballot voting will be held directly upon call to order at the June Meeting.






Elections of officers will be held as follows:

  • a.       Nominations will be taken from the floor at the May meeting.

b.       Nominees will be listed in the May Newsletter for consideration by the members.

c.        Members may vote at the Junes meeting.

d.       Secret ballot voting will be held directly upon call to order at the June meeting.

e.       Ballots will then be counted by two Board Members who are not up for reelecting and new officers installed.

f.         Decision is a majority of those votes cast.





The governing body of the Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas) shall be a Board of Directors which will consist of eleven (11) Board members as follows, four (4) Officers, six (6) At-Large members and one (1) Past President.

  • a.      The Board of Directors term of office shall be for two years.
  • b.      Each may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.
  • c.      Vacancies occurring, on the Board of Directors, shall be filled by the Board of Directors until the next election.
  • d.      The planning of each year’s activities shall be vested to the Board of Directors.
  • e.      Board Members will be appointed to Support Committees by the President.
  • f.       No individual may hold more than one office with the exception that the same individual may hold both offices of Secretary and Treasurer, if needed.
  • g.      The Board of Directors shall host a monthly meeting prior to the business or membership meeting.  The members of the Board of Director will determine who shall be in attendance of the Board of Directors meeting.



PRESIDENT: The President shall:

  • 1.      Preside at all meetings of the organization and Board of Directors and enforce all rules and regulations.
  • 2.      Be empowered to sign all contracts for the organization.
  • 3.      Enlist members for special committees.
  • 4.      Be the membership liaison, along with the Automotive Events Director, between any Club Sponsors and the Club.
  • 5.      Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • 6.      Perform any other duties normally pertaining to this office.
  • 7.      Appoint the duty, or handle personally, the ordering of flowers and/or sending cards from the Club Membership.



*The immediate Past-President will serve as an Ex-officio member of the Board of Directors until at which time the President leaves office, then the exiting President will hold the position as Past President.  The Ex-Officio will have all the rights and obligations of the board member or committee that they serve on. This includes the right to discuss, debate, make decisions, and vote.


VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President shall:

  • 1.      Perform all duties of President in case of his/her disability or absence or desire.
  • 2.      Assume other duties in the best interest of the Club
  • 3.      Oversee the special committees appointed by the President.
  • 4.      Ensure adequate facilities for Monthly Business Meetings.


SECRETARY: The Secretary shall:

1.      Record all minutes and votes for both business and Board Meetings.

2.      Keep a complete record of all proceedings of the organization.

3.      Maintain a current draft of the Club By-laws.




TREASURER: The Treasurer shall:

  • 1.      The President and the Treasurer will designate individuals authorized to sign checks.
  • 2.      Render statements of dues to members prior to June 1 of each year.
  • 3.      Collect and pay all organization money subject to the order of the organization.
  • 4.      Keep a correct detailed account of all money received and expended.
  • 5.      Provide monthly financial updates for all Club accounts to the members.
  • 6.      Submit an annual financial statement to the Board of Directors
  • 7.      Submit a proposed budget to the Board of Directors.
  • 8.      Coordinate with the Membership Director a listing of all current Club Members.



The Membership Director shall:

1.      Promote Club Membership to other Corvette Owners.

2.      Record the membership attendance at meetings.

3.      Be responsible for keeping track of club visitors, future member application and of new members being voted into the club.

4.      Receive all returned applications and ensure such applications are properly completed.

5.      Be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date roster of TCCC membership.

In association with the Treasurer, maintain a current listing of all Club Members

  • 6.      To assist with the growth club and means to bring in new membership for the club.



The Newsletter Editor shall:

  • 1.      Be responsible for reporting news and events to each member during the month.
  • 2.      Make every attempt to have the Club Newsletter to the membership as soon as possible after the monthly meeting.



The Webmaster shall:

  • 1.      Be responsible for maintaining the club website.
  • 2.      Update the website on an as needed basis, but no less than once a month.



The National Corvette Museum (NCM) Ambassador shall:

  • 1.      Promote the National Corvette Museum and provide the Club a two-way communication link to the National Corvette Museum.
  • 2.      Encourage participation and involvement in the functions of the NCM.






Committees shall be determined by the Board of Directors as required. The following shall be standing committees.




The Activities Committee shall:

1.      Organize the social events for the Club.

2.      Organize the Annual Awards Banquet.



The Sponsorship & Marketing Committee shall:

1. Be responsible for selling club sponsorship packages.

2. Be responsible for marketing the club.


The Scholarship Committee shall:

1.      Be responsible for coordinating with Lamar University, who will make the selection of scholarship recipients for the club.



The Charities Committee shall:

1       Be responsible for recommendations of which charities the club should support.



The Car Show Committee shall:

1.      Organize all Automotive Events.

2.      Be responsible for all club equipment and property, its maintenance, storage, and disbursement.

3.      Coordinate member participation in events promoting the TCCC with other clubs.

4.      Organize automotive events that benefit the TCCC Charities.





  • A.      The majority of the membership, as specified in the by-laws, will approve dues.

B.      In order to vote, in the June election, dues must be paid by the June meeting.

C.      If dues are not paid by the June business meeting. The non-paying will be dropped from the roll of the Club.

D.      Payment of dues entitles all membership privileges.

  • ·        Couples (2 votes (1 each)) and Singles (1 vote)
  • ·        Membership in the National Corvette Museum
  • E.      At no time will dues be refunded.


TCCC Member/National Corvette Museum Membership Policy


  1. TCCC membership dues are due and payable by June 1st of each year.
    1. TCCC member’s dues are $75/person ($150/couple) each year.
    2. TCCC member’s, who are NCM Lifetime Members, will pay TCCC dues of $50/person ($100/couple) each year.
    3. New TCCC member’s, who join after August 1st, will pay TCCC dues of $50/person ($100/couple) for their FIRST YEAR ONLY.

                                                  i.     New TCCC members, that join the TCCC after August 1st, may join the NCM at any time on their own.

1.      If a new TCCC member joins the NCM, they should inform the TCCC NCM Ambassador and the TCCC Treasurer.

                                                 ii.     New TCCC member’s, who renew their TCCC membership the next year, will be added to the Official TCCC roster that is sent to the NCM. Their names will be included with all other TCCC member’s when the TCCC renews TCCC member NCM memberships.

  1. New TCCC member’s, who join after March 1st, their dues will be waived until June 1st. At that time, they will pay regular TCCC dues.


  1. Those, who have paid their TCCC dues by June 1st, will be listed on the OFFICIAL TCCC roster which will be completed by July 1st.


  1. The OFFICIAL TCCC roster will then be used to determine for whom the TCCC will purchase NCM Memberships.


  1. Once you have been set up, in the NCM system, you will receive a notice from the NCM, and your benefits will begin.
  1. This process will be repeated each year.


To keep the process as simple as possible, the Official TCCC roster will only be sent one time each year. This makes the process manageable for both the TCCC and the NCM records.






A Full Member must be:


  • a.      Active membership in the club shall be restricted to owners of corvettes and their spouse or significant other.
  • b.      Acceptance of each new prospective member must be after the prospective member has attended two (2) formally planned Club Functions, and two (2) Club Business Meetings and paid their dues.
  • c.      At the next business meeting, after requirements have been met and an application has been received, a vote will be taken by a majority of those present. The President will then inform the prospective member of the decision of the club.
  • d.      If any member loses ownership of, or sells, their corvette, membership will be reduced to a non-voting membership status until the end of the fiscal year. These members during club cruises, events must take up behind the corvettes in their non-corvette automobiles in a supportive mode. i.e., lunch cruises, poker runs etc. Will not take part with corvettes in parades etc. This will apply to all non-corvettes in any status of membership.
  • e.      The member must, at the beginning of the next fiscal year meet the Full Membership requirements to continue membership in the club unless applying for Associate or Provisional membership.
  • f.       Application for membership must be made on a Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas) Application for membership Form and submitted to the Membership Director with the first year’s dues     

The Associate Memberships:

a.   Available to persons who are not in the local area (defined as outside radius from Southeast Texas) and desire to maintain contact with the Club and meet the criteria of a full member.

b.    Associate Members may attend meetings and events and if they meet the requirements may become regular members.

c.     Associate Member must submit a Tri-City Corvette Club (SE Texas) membership application and voted in.

d     Associate Membership does not carry the privilege of the vote.

e.     Associate Members do not pay dues until they meet the requirements of the being a Full Member.


Participant Member:

  • a.      Dues paying member in good standing who has been active status for the last twelve months and wishes to continue participating in club events shall request to be considered for Participant Member status under the following circumstances.
  • b.      No longer owns a corvette due to health or National Disaster reasons.
  • c.      They are a surviving spouse or significant other.
  • d.      Participant members may not hold office and cannot vote.

All requests for Participant members must be made through the membership Director for submission to the board for approval.





An attending majority, at a Club meeting, shall be deemed a majority and shall have the right to pass “Club Business” and decide about club activities, excluded is voting on Officers, as explained in ARTICLE IV.





Motions to impeach or expel any Officer, or Full Member will:

  • a.      Be presented to the Officers in writhing.
  • b.      The Officers shall appoint a committee, within 30 days, to investigate the motion and make recommendations to the members of the Club.
  • c.      Impeachment or expulsion will be accomplished by a simple majority vote of the members present at a Business Meeting after hearing the recommendations of the committee within 60 days of their appointment.
  • d.      At the conclusion of the investigating committee’s recommendations report to the members, the committee shall be deemed disbanded.





  • a.       The monthly General Membership Meeting will be held on first Tuesday of each month.  However, the meeting can be changed to an alternate date at the discretion of the president. 
  • b.       The meeting time and place will be discussed at each meeting, for the next month. Each meeting place will be reported in the Club Newsletter and on the Club Website.
  • c.        The monthly Board of Directors meeting will be held the last Tuesday of the month prior to the General Membership Meeting.  However, the meeting can be changed to an alternate date at the discretion of the president. 





  • a.       During the term of office and thereafter, no officer or board member of the Club will be liable to the Club or its membership by reason of any action taken or omitted by him/her in good faith in his/her capacity as an officer or board member.
  • b.       The Officers and Board Members, past and present or future shall not in any manner be personally liable for obligations of the club.










(A)   All property of the Club shall be in the Club’s name.

(B)    If the Club disbands, the property of the Club shall be disposed of in accordance with wishes of a majority vote of the members present at a Business Meeting.

(C)   All funds belonging to the Club shall be deposited in an institution of the Treasurer’s choice, with Board Approval.

(D)   The Treasurer or the President and Secretary shall sign checks and other orders for payments of money in the name of the club.

(E)    The Treasurer shall make a written summary of finances to the Club at every Business and Officer Meeting

(F)    Inventory of property belonging to the Club and where located shall be made available upon request and will be kept by the Car Show Committee Chairman.







The By-Laws may be amended, at any time, by an attending majority vote of the club members present at a Club meeting.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed these By-Laws on this                    

     1nd   day of        August 2023  




                      Glinda Pareso, President




                     Liz Hanley, Secretary



Originally Adopted:                       February 1997

Revised & Adopted:                       June 2010

Amended & Adopted:                     April 2012

Revised & Adopted:                       October 2017

Amended & Adopted:                     April 2018

Amended & Adopted:                     August 2019

Amended & Adopted:                     August 2022

Amended & Adopted:                     August 2023


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